Dear Parents and gamers Fin Swe

Insomnolence16 is the first (and hopefully not the last!) esports tournament organized and run by an education institute! In fact, a big part of the event is organized by the students themselves.

The game Counter Strike: Global offensive will be played. (Read more about the game here, YLE.) The reason we chose this game is because it is the most popular one amongst the audience, the students of Prakticum. Perhaps we will have more games in a future tournament.

In Counter Strike teamwork and critical thinking is crucial and we want the youngsters to develop these skills since it is something they will need in their future (let's face it, you can't work alone today), the game also teaches other things such as logic and fast decision making under pressure. Some physical attributes are getting trained as well, such as reaction time and hand to eye coordination.

CS:GO is a first person shooter (fps) game with soldiers fighting terrorists, and we understand that while the game has plenty of merits and is popular with the youth, the theme of the game might seem strange for a school environment, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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